Designer Weddings – behind the scenes video

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Designer Weddings partial tent drape with tent leg draping. This is just a fun little look at the behind the scenes set-up of a partial tent drape. The look includes fabric ceiling sails over only a portion of the ceiling and just wouldn’t be complete without draping the legs as well. Doing only part of the ceiling can save you a significant amount of money and you can still achieve a very romantic look. Once you have completed the draping it is time to embellish. We have added the every popular Edison light bulbs and greenery chandeliers. You can’t see it in the picture but there are little battery operated twinkle lights hidden in the greenery ready to shine at the perfect time. During the day the tent is spectacular just with the draping but when the sun goes down your guests will be delighted as the “stars” begin to appear. We love tents, and we love them even more once they are draped. With lighting they become really magical. A great way to celebrate the most magical day of your life.  Open the blog to see the video