Designer Weddings  is pleased to be the first to introduce  POP-UP WEDDINGS to Vancouver Island.   Are you wondering what POP-UP WEDDINGS are?  Well, they are EASY, STRESS FREE  and the MOST FUN wedding around.  They are offered at one “all inclusive” price which is most often CHEAPER than a traditional wedding.  It is a wedding like you’ve never been to before and will be talked about for years to come.  All you do, is choose the POP-UP WEDDING Style that appeals to you, get some wedding attire, a marriage licence and show up. Leave the work and planning to us.  Oh, and POP-UP Weddings usually contain a element of adventure or fun and typically last between 1-4 hours..  It’s no wonder POP-UP WEDDINGS are sweeping the nation.  It’s the easiest way to get married.


There are several “POP-UP” packages to choose from just look for the one that suits you best.


POP-UP Elopements Most memorable ceremony EVER!

POP-UP Elopements are for fun couples who are looking to elope but want an exciting memorable ceremony with NO work and little expense.  POP-UP Elopements can literally take place anywhere.  Imagine having your favorite graffiti art, landscape or building as your backdrop. The only work required from you is getting a marriage licence, deciding what you want to wear and which guests you’d like to invite. (up to 6)

pop-up elopements by designer weddings, pop-up elopement

Unboxed POP-UP – Easiest Wedding EVER!

Unboxed POP-UP Weddings are perfect for couples who have more than 6 guests and want to be as surprised as their guests when they experience their non-traditional POP-UP Wedding.  Unboxed POP-UP weddings  include a ceremony and either a cocktail hour, luncheon, dinner, or refreshment of a POP-UP sort. You choose the POP-UP Wedding that suites your style and budget and leave the rest to us.  All you do is get your clothes, a marriage licence and show up.  Leave the rest to us.  



POP-UP Ceremonies by Designer Weddings

POP-UP Adventure Weddings – I didn’t know a wedding could be so much FUN!

POP-UP Adventure Weddings typically last more than 4 hours and can even take place over a few days.  POP-UP Adventures can include several locations, non-traditional elements and POP-UP Surprises.  Do you scuba dive? sky dive? climb mountains? or have a secret hide out?  The ceremony and reception can take place in the most unusual locations.  You can be sure the pictures will be awesome and provide you with some delightful lasting memories.  The number of guests is typically limited.


POP-UP Adventure weddings by designer weddings

POP-UP Group Wedding – Most Amazing wedding EVER! The Original POP-UP!

POP-UP Group Wedding is the most non-traditional traditional wedding.  It’s an ideal POP-UP Wedding for those couples who want an extravagant traditional wedding with a smaller price tag.  With a POP-UP Group Wedding multiple couples share their wedding celebrations.  In the same shared ceremony one after another each couple shares their vows, cuts their own wedding cake and has a joint first dance.  Each couple will be allowed to invited a limited number of guests and all together it becomes a large group celebration.  The beauty of  a POP-UP Group Wedding is that it can take place locally or abroad and the cost is shared.  



pop-up group wedding by designer weddings pop up groups

POP-UP Destination Wedding – Most extreme wedding EVER!

POP-UP Destination Wedding is for couples who don’t want to deal with the stress of planning their wedding, love to travel and want more than an ordinary elopement.  Just have a current passport (you can request to stay within Canada too), choose a wedding outfit and be prepared to get a marriage licence from the country of your choice.  Or why not be surprised and let us choose the country. You never know, I may only tell you what temperature to pack for and the rest is a POP-UP Surprise.  POP-UP Destination Weddings can be for the wedding couple or guests can be invited.  (Guests expenses are additional).


POP-UP Destination wedding by designer weddings pop up destination weddings

CUSTOM POP-UP Wedding – Your chance to dream big!

Custom POP-UP Weddings are for those who love the idea of a POP-UP Wedding but want some input in the planning or would like a specific location or theme.  We can do almost anything.  Now is the time to let your imagination loose and go for it.

Custom pop up wedding by designer weddings custom pop up weddings