Why not show off your cake by setting it on a pedestal. We have acrylic, vintage glass, silver or wrought iron cake plates

Pearl Cake Stand
Pearl Cake Stand
Pearl Cake Stand - by Designer Weddings - gold a pearls, the perfect combination for your perfect wedding cake. Pedestal can be removed for a shorter stand
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Round Cake  Stand
Round Cake Stand
Round cake stand is made of thick acrylic and comes in 12", 14", 16" and 18" sizes.  Add your colors and ideas to this round acrylic cake pedestal to make it personally yours.
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Silver Cake Plateau
Silver Cake Plateau
Absolutely stunning silver etched cake pedestal.  Measures 18" in diameter.
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white cake stand
White Cake Stand
White Cake Stand - just perfect when you need a simple white stand to show off that amazing cake or dessert.  Sizes and styles vary but are between 8" - 12" in diameter.  Made of either wood, metal or ceramic.  
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wrought iron cake stand
Wire Cake Stand
Have fun with our white wrought iron cake stand.  Great for birthday parties or a smaller wedding.
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wooden cake stand
Wooden cake stand
Wooden cake stand is made of real wood.  If rustic is your theme then this cake stand is perfect for you.  It is approx 14" in diameter
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square acrylic cake stand
Square Acrylic Cake Stand
Our new square acrylic cake pedestals can be decorated in your special colors to reflect you exactly.  They even come with diamond wrap if you are the "bling" type.  We have something to suit every style.
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