We have lots of ideas for those boring ceilings…chinese lanterns, lights strings, mirror ball, fabric sails or pinwheel sails. We even provide instructions.

large crystal chandelier
Large Crystal Chandelier
Our large crystal chandelier looks amazing in tents or with a full ceiling drape or pinwheel.  It plugs into any outlet.
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large shabby chic chandelier
Large Shabby Chic Chandelier
The fun thing about this large shabby chic chandelier is that it can be any color you like just.paint it with water colors.   So versatile and fun to hang on an outside tree.  Plugs into any outlet.
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Perfect for weddings and those amazing ceiling treatments, backdrops, tents or any number of things.  Your imagination is the limit.
  • light strings - white or  green string - 50 ft long with 12 in a bin
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Mirror Ball – Pin Spot Lights
Spice up the dance atmosphere with a mirror ball -pin spot lights.  It is great party fun!  The spot light is battery operated so it spins at the perfect speed.  Comes with two white spot lights.
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small crystal chandelier
Small Crystal Chandelier
The small crystal chandelier plugs into any outlet.
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white vintage chandelier
White Vintage Chandelier
The white vintage chandelier is perfect for a tent or archway or your shabby chic wedding.   Chandelier is about 14 inches long, is wired and plugs into any outlet.
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fabric ceiling panels
Fabric Ceiling Panels
FABRIC CEILING PANELS:  There is nothing more beautiful than to enter a room and see a magnificent pinwheel canopy of ceiling sails complete with lights and chandelier stretching across the entire ceiling.  It takes your breath away - literally.  The room is transformed into a virtual wonderland.  Why not set the tone for the entire evening?
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Chinese Lanterns
Chinese Lanterns
CHINESE LANTERNS - Perhaps you want something a little less fancy and a little more fun than a ceiling pinwheel. Why not make a statement with bright colorful chinese lanterns?  They come in a multitude of colors and sizes making the ceiling an important part of your decor.  IF YOU DON'T SEE YOUR COLOR WE CAN JUST ORDER IT IN!
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