Table linens set the tone for the whole evening. They can be fun or sophisticated. Polyester tablecloths come in black, white, ivory, beige, purple and navy. Most sizes. We also have satin or pin tuck taffeta tablecloths

damask tablecloth
Damask Tablecloth
Damask Tablecloth - For a very special occasion this beautiful white on white damask pattern is perfect.  These thick luxurious tablecloths are 120" round and only available in white.
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Krinkle taffeta table cloth
Krinkle Taffeta Cloth
Krinkle taffeta cloth.  Lots of elegant texture when you want to spice things up but not scream too much color.  This Krinkle taffetta tablecloth is perfect.  Comes in 120" round or 90 x 156 and only in white.
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lamour satin tablecloth
Lamour Tablecloths
Lamour satin tablecloth versatile they can be either formal or casual. They look amazing with candles and greenery. Perfect for every occasion.  They come in white, ivory, champagne, blush.  Lamour is a satin fabric without the shine.  They are stunning.  Available in 120" round and 90 x 156
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pintuck table cloth
Pin Tuck Tablecloths
Love the pin tuck... it is so classic.  Our pin tuck tablecloths comes in white, silver, ivory, fuchsia, and chocolate brown.  More colors are available upon request.
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polyester tablecloths by Designer Weddings
Polyester Tablecloths
Polyester tablecloths in all sizes and colors.  The perfect thing for any event whether casual or very formal.  Dress them up or keep them simple.  Nothing says perfect better and a nice white polyester tablecloth.   However, if you would like to spice things up why not go with a pop of color in just the right place.  We have black, white, ivory, beige, navy blue, royal blue, purple and plum, burgundy and gray.  Most are available in the following sizes....
  • round - 72", 90", 108", 120", 132"
  • rectangle - 60 x 126. 90 x 132, 90 x 156
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Ribbon Taffeta Cloth
Ribbon Taffeta Cloth
This 120" round gold ribbon taffeta tablecloth is stunning.  Use it for your most exquisite occasions.
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Taffeta Tablecloth
Taffeta Tablecloth
Chocolate brown 120" round taffeta table cloth.  Great for a fall look.
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