3 legged archway
3 Legged Archway
Very unique white metal three legged archway.  Great for outdoors..why not pick up the decor package to go with it?
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custom backdrops, mandaps, chuppas by designer weddings in victoria bc
Our wedding chuppa or mandap is simply stunning.  It  can be made to suit any decor or personal style and comes with a fabric roof if desired. Our chuppa or mandap is a bit complicated to set-up so it comes with our "FULL SERVICE PACKAGE" which includes set-up/take-down, decor and delivery. Just choose the color and style. It is generally 8 ft square by 8 ft tall but can come in a multitude of sizes.
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BAckdrop Package by Designer Weddings
Custom Backdrops
CUSTOM BACKDROPS, MANDAP'S, CHUPPA'S are available for cultural or religious weddings.  We are experienced in cultural traditions and religious ceremonies and have a variety of selections for all tastes. Just choose your colors and your style.  We can create anything or copy anything you like.  All backdrops are available from 8 - 14 ft tall and can easily fit into either your home or a large reception hall.    Mandaps and chuppa's can be anywhere from 8 ft square to 14 ft square and can have the ceiling open or covered.  Each creation starts at $400 but is custom priced and we would suggest booking a free consultation to talk about  your ideas. They are a FULL SERVICE PACKAGE and include..
  • delivery
  • set-up
  • same day take down
  • decor
  • lighting
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