Full Room Drape
Full Room Drape Package
ENTIRE ROOM COVERED IN FABRIC.  Our Full Room Drape Package starts at $2,750.00 but depends on the dimensions of the room.  Comes complete with decor, delivery, set-up and same day take down.  Also comes with a free room inspection prior to set up.
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Pipe with drape by Designer Weddings
Pipe with Drape
Use pipe with drape to cover those unsightly walls, to accentuate colored up lights or just to make a room more intimate.  Choose from a basic white, black or ivory or our new mink (champagne) color.  Then accent it with colored pole covers or colored up lights.  The draping can reach 12 ft tall and encompass an entire room.  Fabric choices are either voile, polyester or satin. Our price is $175 for each 10 ft section if you come and pick it up and set it up yourself.   Just order the number of 10 ft sections you will need.   Of course if you don't have time or don't want to set it up yourself we would be happy to do it for you.  Please look for it under "Pipe and Drape" in the Design Package drop down.
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