white string lights
Light Strings
Twinkle light strings come with either a white or green 50 foot long string. The icicle lights are on a white only 20 ft long string.  Price is per string.  If you would like lots of strings see our "Bulk Bin" for a whole bin of lights.
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tent ceiling sails partial ceiling drape designer weddings
Tent Lighting
 There are so many different types of Tent Lighting available you will have no problem finding the perfect match to create the perfect mood. Just choose the one that makes the perfect mood for the perfect evening.  They come in various price ranges so there is one for every budget. We have
  • Twinkle lights on a white or green wire
  • Cafe lights on a green wire - these have a round bulb
  • Edison lights on a black wire - these are very heavy and require good support
  • Crystal chandeliers
  • Colored up lighting - which can be fastened to the ceiling
These prices are for the LIGHTING ONLY and do not include any fabric.  If you would like fabric choose from our DRAPING PACKAGES which include lighting in their price.
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Wall of Lights by Designer Weddings
Wall of Lights
Wall of Lights. Wondering what to do if your head table is in front of a beautiful picture window?  You want a little something to frame the head table BUT you don't want to spoil the view.  It can hang in front of the window..during the day your will not notice anything but as the night wears on just watch the "stars come out"!  It is amazing. Wall of Lights measures 9 ft tall by 10 ft wide and is priced at $100 per 10 ft panel.  It can either be hung on a window or on a backdrop frame.  It comes with a fabric swag in your choice of wedding colors.  
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