backdrop archway
Backdrop Archway
Backdrop archway is a large fabric archway used to enhance any indoor ceremony. Add greenery, lighting or whatever you like to match your decor.  It can be up to 12 ft wide and 12 ft tall.  Great for use inside any venue.  It can be used outside on a perfectly calm day but is not recommended.
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Copper Archway
A COOPER ARCHWAY...totally stunning.  This is absolutely the latest trend in ceremony decor.  New for 2018 our Copper Archway can have a pointed or a flat top, which ever you prefer.  Made of solid copper it is easily transported and set up.  It takes virtually no space in a regular vehicle.  It should also be able to withstand some moderate wind.  Perfect for Saxe Point or any other windy ceremony location.   Consider adding lots of greenery, fabric or whatever you like to personalize our copper archway.  At Designer Weddings we have several items available to make this archway uniquely yours..
  • silk flowers & greenery
  • fabric
  • macrame hangings
  • himmeli's
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flower archway
Flower Archway
Flower Archway - a beautiful custom archway covered in beautiful silk greenery and flowers.  Flowers can be the color of your choosing.  This archway requires set-up so delivery and set-up are included in the price.  
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Hexagonal Archway by Designer Weddings Victoria
Hexagonal Archway

Hexagonal Archway

Hexagonal Archway is completely new for this wedding season.  It is six sided and completely free standing.  Made out of wood stained in a popular wedding color.  It is not available for "rental only" but comes with delivery and full set-up service.  We will also instal silk flowers in your wedding colors for $40 per bunch
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round golden archway
Round Golden Archway
Round Golden Archway is finally here!!  New for this year we have added a round golden archway.  So simply, so elegant, so perfect for an indoor or outdoor ceremony.  The archway measures 6.5" in diameter, is light weight but strong enough to hold whatever your florist can dream up. You can also rent silk greenery and flowers if you like to "Do It Yourself" Delivery and set-up also available $75.00
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triangle archway
Triangle Archway
Triangle Archway....why not try the latest things in wedding archways..our wooden triangle archway. It is different, it is fun, it is a real statement piece. Perfect for forest or beach weddings. The wooden triangle  archway stands approx. 7 ft tall.  It is not available as a rental only but comes with delivery, full set-up and take down.  Silk flowers in your colors are available for an additional price
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