Day Of Assistant

Day of Assistant starts at $900
Day of Assistant

Day of Assistant

Day of Assistant is an extra set of hands-on your wedding day. You will still be the main point of contact but will have someone at your side to help wherever needed.  The assistant is well versed in how a wedding day should flow BUT is not a professional wedding planner or decorator.  She can put out favors, check on vendors, deliver flowers to the bridal party, pin on boutonniere’s, greet guests, move simple decor from ceremony to reception, collect all your items at the end of the night and any other job you need an “extra set of hands” for. 

You will provide...

  • Wedding day timeline
  • A list of tasks 
  • Length of time required
  • Dress code

We will….

  • Provide a 1-hour consultation
  • Determine how many assistants you need based on hours and jobs – $200 per additional assistant 
  • Prepare your assistant, so they know their predetermined responsibilities
Melissa Barrie

Melissa Barrie

Co-owner and Lead Planner


 Melissa has been married for over 20 years and is the mother of 3 active boys. Her love for style, trends and design began as a teenager setting up visual displays for the Hudson Bay Company. It was love at first set up. She loves travel, culture, language and adventure and has traveled many parts of the world and lived abroad. After listening to friends talk about how they wish their weddings had been different she knew she could excel at helping couples like them. Her planning style involves incorporating as many lifetime memorable moments as possible and she creates her timelines around these trademark moments. Melissa has been certified thru WPICC, DWC, IWED, LWPI, Wedding MBA and countless other conferences and workshops.  She is committed to lifelong learning and skill development which will help keep her at the cutting edge of destination wedding planning and design.

Melissa Barrie


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