• Tent Full Ceiling Drape
Tent Full Ceiling Drape

Tent Full Ceiling Drape

Wow....when you just want your guests to be totally blown away go for the Tent Full Ceiling Drape.  Cover every inch of that unsightly ceiling with fabric and lights.  Nothing says romance more than this.  A Full Tent Ceiling Drape literally transports you into the dream you knew you could have.  It takes you from "great" to "speechless". \n \nOur price starts at $1500 but depends on the size of the tent, configuration of the ceiling, height of the ceiling and type of lighting.  Included in our package is... \n
  • all fabric, lights and decor.  Twinkle lights, cafe lights, edison lights or chandeliers
  • \n
  • consultations with the tent company regarding details of the tent
  • \n
  • coordination with the tent company regarding set-up and take down of the tent
  • \n
  • specialty equipment required for doing tent ceilings
  • \n
\nYou can also add things like hanging greenery chandeliers, greenery garlands or hanging geometric shapes to enhance the look and feel. \n \n 
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